Our Customer's Success is a Measure of Our Success

Empowering Finance Leaders to be Key Decision Makers and Drivers of Growth

Our mission at ProLytics Consulting Group is to share our expertise and knowledge with thoughtfulness, trust, and empathy. We offer a unique consulting experience for the Office of Finance, by providing our best recommendations based on your team’s current workflow and processes.


We empathize. More than simply solving problems and advising enterprises, our customer-centric approach is to meet you at whichever stage you are in. We understand that each business is unique in its company requirements and dynamics.


We collaborate. We know that numbers matter in Finance. That’s why we are passionate about seeing your potential and working with you to bring confidence back to the Office of Finance.


We help realize. Rather than a one-size-fits-all implementation, we ensure our solutions will be transferrable for your team, effective, and easy to use so you can train and empower others.


We extend. Our solutions are built to scale for growth and future-proof your processes to help think ahead so you do not need to. Focus on growing your core business functions and delivering strategies.

Building Lasting Partnerships

Our mission is to empower you with a solution that moves Finance forward and lets you get back to doing what you do best. 

At ProLytics, we are not only consultants by trade but we are advocates for Finance teams of all sizes and industries. Our commitment is to be your go-to and trusted business partner for your needs. 

We Are Experts in Financial Management and Technology

William Liang

Managing Director

William possesses a unique convergence of talent and experience acquired for over 13 years in professional services. With his commitment to client success, he has led initiatives providing world-class planning and forecasting services solutions in a wide variety of industries including Legal, Manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas Exploration, Education, and Financial Services.

Thomas Ho

Director of Professional Services

Thomas has over 18 years of experience in various fields of IT industries & technologies, specializing in Functional Design, CPM, SPM and Business Analytics. He has managed many successful implementation projects across various industries and is able to translate business problems into executable and successful projects.

Sukhwant Budwal

Practice Manager

With over 13 years of experience, Sukhwant provides world-class consulting services and delivers customer-focused results. Customer success and satisfaction drive his ability to see through each end-to-end implementation. When customers are evaluating a CPM, SPM, or BI solution, he takes a platform-agnostic approach while considering the customer needs as a primary factor in helping them decide on the right solution.

Words of Encouragement

An organization is only as good as its employees. I feel blessed and privileged to work with this team. Thanks again Team for all the hard work and dedication to helping ProLytics achieve and exceed our goals!

William Liang

I am extremely proud to be working alongside our team members who give 110% every day. The success we have at ProLytics is because of the dedication and determination of everyone, always striving to deliver value and results to our clients. It is truly the case where "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" and I am thankful for everyone’s hard work and look forward to many more wins and successes in the future!

Thomas Ho

I want to give the ProLytics team a big thank you for your continual hard work in helping the company reach its goals. We are who we are because of each one of you. It's exciting to see this talented group continue to grow as individuals and as a team!

Sukhwant Budwal

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