Access your $15,000 share to partner with a digital advisor who will guide you through your transformation.



Access a $15,000 government grant for analysis and planning. Discover digitization and technology strategies to advance your business. Implement them with a $100,000* no-interest loan.


Successful companies are advancing their Digital Adoption. Here’s why:


more likely to experience revenue growth


of leaders say technology is very important to retaining competitive advantage.


more profitable than less digital peers.


revenue growth for small businesses in future digital transformation over competitors without digital efforts.

What CDAP offers

$15,000 Digital Adoption Plan

Evaluate problems and discover opportunities. Learn how your business can grow with a custom Canada Digital Adoption Plan

$7,300 Optional Internship

Harness the abilities of the next generation. Hire a post-secondary student or recent grad to implement your Canada Digital Adoption Plan.

$100,000* No-interest Loan

Implement your Canada Digital Adoption Plan. Get the Hardware, Software, Training, and Skillset your business needs.

The Grant is designed for strategic and advisory technology enablement


There are certain requirements to qualify for the CDAP.

Please see below and refer to the CDAP Website for more info:

  • $500000

or more Gross Revenue in one of 3 previous tax years. Not more than $100mm

  • 30

or more hours of payroll in an average week

  • 1

Canadian-Controlled For-profit Corporation or Sole Properietorship

  • 499

or less Employees.

Answers to move ahead with your plan!

Do I qualify?

There are four qualifying criteria that must be met in order to apply:

  • Be incorporated federally or provincially, or be a Canadian resident sole proprietor
  • Be a for-profit, privately owned business
  • Have between 1 – 499 full time equivalent employees
  • Have at least $500,000 of annual revenues in one of the previous three tax years

What will a digital advisor do for me?

As a trusted partner of the CDAP program, your digital advisor brings wealth of knowledge and experience in driving digital advancement. You will work together to identify a pain point or area of improvement, perform a needs analysis and develop a roadmap for the way forward.

  • Eligibility assessment and application support
  • Current state analysis and recommended approaches
  • Strategy and roadmap development

I need to execute on my plan!

The goal of this initiative is to develop a digital strategy and prepare you for success. Our experts will focus on ensuring you understand what is required for execution and outline the steps to take to implement your strategy.

Our capabilities span from strategy development to implementation and customization. Should you wish to continue to partner with us outside of the CDAP engagement, we would hit the ground running to implement and optimize your desired solution.

How ProLytics will enable your FP&A strategy with CDAP

Eligibility Assessment and Application Support

Work with your advisor to determine whether you qualify for either the Boost Your Business Technology or Grow Your Business Online grant and which would provide the most value to you. Lean on their expertise to complete your application and amplify your chance of approval.

Current State Analysis and Recommended Approach

Perform a deep dive into your existing processes and technology, specifically looking for threats that can be mitigated, or opportunities that can be capitalized on, through technology. Once identified, your advisor will carry out a thorough platform comparison and provide recommendations.

Strategy and Roadmap Development

Your advisor will use the information gathered to design your digital strategy inclusive of expected timelines, required resources, technology platforms and guidance on next steps.

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