A SaaS Financial Planning Case Study

BlueCat Networks reshapes their SaaS-based Financial Planning Processes

Key Facts of BlueCat Networks

DDI Management Software Provider

Sells SaaS, perpetual licenses, Professional services and support

Helps medium-sized to global enterprises achieve their digital networking transformation goals

"Rather than a cookie-cutter solution to our business challenges, ProLytics will help build a solution that adapts and conforms to your current models and processes."

Gilbert Tsai
Senior Financial Analyst FP&A, BlueCat Networks

Before ProLytics Implementation

Before coming on board with ProLytics, BlueCat’s FP&A team has been shopping for a new solution as their previous software deployment failed and they began outgrowing their databases and forecast models housed in thousands of Excel files.

Instead of providing financial analysis such as scenario and model planning, and P&L forecasting, the FP&A team realized they spent too much time lining up inputs across several spreadsheets. Moreover, bottom-level updates are unable to flow through interlinking Excel files.

Without cohesion and collaboration in their reporting packages, users cannot rely on their data and utilize the outdated information for decision-making. In turn, the organization operates with a lack of confidence in its data.

Forecasting revenue to deliver value

Working with ProLytics to prioritizing their requirements, the BlueCat FP&A team needed an EPM tool that fits their existing processes and system. These requirements include: the software must be easy to learn and teach any cross-functional users, and the ability to efficiently model BlueCat’s recurring revenue as they begin to shift their perpetual licenses into SaaS offerings.

Incorporating R&D, sales, customer success, and other departments into the planning process, BlueCat’s Revenue Recognition model has the ability to extend budget and forecast data beyond the Office of Finance. In turn, the FP&A team can perpetually make accurate revenue and expense forecasts beyond a one-year forecast reporting package. 

Adapting your System to New Budgeting Practices

Discover how Gilbert and the BlueCat team learned how to update the models and now rely on their large data flows to create accurate reporting packages to business partners and other partners with the new solution.

Presented to an audience at Vena Nation Week 2021, see how your SaaS budgeting and forecasting solution compares with BlueCat’s: Overview of their SaaS Planning Process, Booking to Commissions Model, Booking to Revenue Recognition Model, and more.

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