Timekeeper reporting
by ProLytics

On May 9th, 2023, we were pleased to be a Guest Speaker at Vena’s Excerlate Summit 2023!

Whether you’re a managing partner, CFO, or finance professional within a professional services firm, this webinar will provide you with actionable takeaways and practical guidance to enhance your firm’s financial planning capabilities and drive long-term success.

Gain Valuable Insights

ProLytics is a leading provider of financial analytics solutions designed to help professional service firms optimize their operations and enhance profitability. Our Timekeeper legal solution has been widely recognized for its ability to streamline time tracking, improve billing accuracy, and provide valuable insights into timekeeper performance.
  • Explore proven strategies to enhance financial planning processes, including budgeting, forecasting, and scenario analysis.
  • Discover how advanced financial technologies can streamline your firm’s planning processes, providing actionable insights through AI-powered analytics and automation.
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Key Moments:

Intro & Vena Task Menu

Timekeeper Revenue Planning

Employee Compensation Planning

CapEx Planning & GL

Profitability Analysis

Discover how we address typical implementation obstacles by achieving alignment

Stale Data

Without the real-time data, it limits the ability to identify and address your most problematic areas of practice or expenses that affect your organization's profitability.

Disconnected HR and Finance Systems

Disconnected systems reduce your efficiency levels, making it difficult for the Office of Finance to quickly uncover key metrics and insights about your personnel resources.

Long Deployment Times

Time is often wasted due to long deployment periods and costly implementation services as current solutions in the market may not fit the requirements of Law Firms and Professional Services.

By combining informative discussion, interactive demonstrations, real-world examples, and a live Q&A session, our webinar ensures an engaging and immersive learning experience. You will come away with actionable strategies, practical knowledge, and the confidence to implement effective financial planning practices applicable to professional services, accounting and legal firms. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your firm’s financial performance.

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