Expert Managed Services

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Our dedicated service managers and advisors have comprehensive experience in deploying Financial Planning and Analysis systems for various industries and verticals. Much more than a turnkey solution, we offer a variety of services that is flexible to your enterprise’s requirements and needs.

4 Pillars of ProLytics Solutions Delivery

Our services are designed to bring you tailored and flexible service experiences. Sharing our expertise, we will work together in realizing the goals and benefits of your solution investment. Also, be the first to hear about new feature updates with the specific vendor you are with and receive routine maintenance to optimize your system’s performance.

Best Practices and Recommendations

Training and Enablement

Customized Solutions Design

Technical Systems Implementation

Our commitment to your business

Our Expert Managed Services team is committed to each project and to your team including but not limited to:

Systems Audit

Evaluate your current system and see if its components are compatible with new software requirements or dimensionality and up to date with industry standards.

Transition Management

Learn the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain the implemented FP&A solution and collaborate on a plan to fully transition operations once your team is ready.

Staffing Augmentation

If you are a leaner Finance department or short-staffed, leverage our team of experts to help you run complex functions, reports and tasks for your enterprise.

Data Migration

Integrate existing data from your previous database and sources to load into your new target system’s format and requirements with ease.

Critical Period Assistant

Rest assured knowing our Managed Services team will be readily available during your organization and finance department’s key points in your fiscal year.

"Rather than a cookie-cutter solution to our business challenges, ProLytics will help build a solution that adapts and conforms to your current models and processes."

Gilbert Tsai, Senior Financial Analyst FP&A at BlueCat Networks

Advantages of Managed Services

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Creating a Flexible Business Plan

Today, flexibility and adaptability has never been more important when purchasing a new system or selecting the right Managed Services Provider. That’s why ProLytics has developed a service package that comprises of various Technical Support and Service Options, and Value-Based Pricing Engagements to ensure the package is feasible for you.

Expert Managed Services

Partner with us

At ProLytics Consulting Group, we deliver value-based and innovative results to your enterprise’s FP&A function. Speak with one of our advisors for a quick consultation and explore your options while building your unique service package today.

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Expert Managed Services

Our goal is to help businesses grow and find areas of opportunities for them. Our Managed Service Advisors will help you get started by assessing your goals and current tools to create the best plan of action for you.

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