Incentive Compensation Management

Build a strong sales culture

Your sales team is what makes your business successful. Grow your top performers and attract new hires with a strategic compensation and commission plan.

Cultivate a Healthy Sales Environment

At its core, Sales Commission is about creating healthy competition and accountability within your organization. Talented salespeople are hard to find and even harder to retain. ICM ensures your sales department is fully equipped to handle compensation complexities and adapt to new market conditions with greater accuracy, reliability, and visibility.

Automate Calculations
and Reporting

Increased scalability and operational performance​ through automation

Increase overall accuracy

Creating effective compensation plan that aligns with corporate goals and transparency in commissions

Reduce Costs

Decreased overpayment or underpayment, saving organizations from 3-5% in compensation

Provide comprehensive picture

Optimize business processes and plan with faster data-driven analytics, shortening time to make decisions

Engage Your Top Talent

The best salespeople don’t just chase the highest commission or perks — they want a high-performance culture that inspires them to do their best work. Create an atmosphere that keeps your top talent engaged with strategic and realistic compensation plans.

Automate Your Sales Commission

In order to create a great and long-lasting sales team, your Compensation admins must be confident and trust a system that audits changes and tracks performance in real-time. They need an environment where leadership is not afraid to hold people accountable when they don’t meet quotas or goals.


Keep Using Excel for Sales Compensation Management

Learn how Vena Solutions leverages Excel to manage Sales Commission and handle your compensation and benefit complexities.

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