Streamlined Quote and Job Information Entry into a Centralized Data Model across 15+ Divisions

Key Facts: Place Services Inc.

Provides Remodelling & Construction Management Services

US Nationwide Commercial General Contractor and Subcontractor

Over $100 million in business each year

The ProLytics Implementation

“If you need it built, we make it happen” was PSI’s motto and ProLytics’ mindset when approaching the goal and challenges of this project. For PSI, their goal is to design a system to facilitate integrated planning, timely reporting that will continue to adapt with PSI’s growth and the existing business processes they already have. It is important to have an updated interface that is easy to pick up for its end users to track current construction projects.

With a truly collaborative and intricate process between PSI and ProLytics, our joint solution allowed better flexibility and ease of adoption for the end users of the new software. By translating the key requirements into realizable functions and features, the implementation was able customized outside the traditional FP&A model in order to fit PSI’s unique business requirements.


To learn more about the final results of PSI's implementation, download and read our report for more details

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