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Maximizing profitability while balancing customer expectations

Ready to maximize realizations and adapt to market changes through enhanced forecasting, reporting, and revenue planning? Our data analytics and automation can streamline processes and improve reporting frequency to empower your firm and bolster a foundation for sustainable growth.

Avoid Stale Data

Plan with Unwavering Confidence in Your Data Attain a singular source of truth for your diverse data sets, enabling you to base your decisions on real-time, precise information.

HR + Finance Systems

Improve Collaboration With Workflows Automate tasks, map out your processes and track the status of deliverables with our intuitive workflow builder.

Rapid Implementation

Efficiency is gained through swift deployment and cost-effective implementation services when utilizing solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of Law Firms and Professional Services.

Measure Performance, Manage Cash Flow and Create Detailed Income Plans

With pre-built templates, scenario modeling tools and dashboards that highlight all your key metrics, you’ll have more time to focus on keeping your business growing.

Vena for Legal by ProLytics

Vena for Legal by ProLytics

 Vena for Legal by ProLytics includes proven methodologies for streamlining profitability analysis, providing cost and revenue transparency, and generating powerful insights into your law firm’s financial performance powered by automation, flexible modeling, industry-leading AI capabilities and the productivity tools teams already know and use.

Automate the Integration of
Your Financial and Legal Data

As a law firm grows, it becomes increasingly important to have a streamlined and efficient system for managing data and practice management. With our source system integrations and automatic data consolidation, you can trust that your predictions are built using the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Designed to facilitate the scalable growth of Law Firms and Professional Services.

We recognize that expanding businesses are in search of a solution to streamline their routine reporting, and we are here to facilitate that. Whether you’re a medium-sized firm or a Big Law enterprise, we can assist in implementing some of the finest planning processes available:

Employee Compensation

Partner Compensation

Timekeeper Revenue

Fee Income Planning

Profitability Analysis

Expense Allocations

Optimize Reporting
and Business Analytics

Migrate your current processes for a modern, fully supported planning and reporting tool. Working with ProLytics, our team will help you tap into data insights from your dashboards to keep track of your overall  firm’s real-time profitability and more.

Top Provider for Law Firms and Professional Service Organizations

Being a Professional Services organization, we take pride in our ability to comprehend the specific requirements of the Legal and Professional Services sector.

ProLytics stands out as a leading provider of implementation services for planning, reporting, and dashboarding within the Legal and Professional Services industry. With over a decade of experience, we empower Finance Departments to create, adjust, and report on models that deliver invaluable insights for intricate financial planning processes.

Our Clients

We've been fortunate to collaborate with numerous Global Law Firms and Professional Service organizations, helping them streamline their operations, minimize mistakes, and effortlessly access a wider array of data sources. This has ultimately boosted the accuracy of their legal planning and reporting solutions.

We Align Industry Leading Best Practices with Your Practice Management

On April 4th, 2023, we were pleased to be joined by the Finance Office of Loopstra Nixon LLP. Our webinar was to provide an overview of the potential benefits that Practice Management can realize through the implementation of Data Analytics. 

Learn how utilizing modern planning and data analysis can enhance your reporting on timekeeper costs and profitability. Discover the valuable organizational insights that can be gained from reporting dashboards, leading to improved profitability analysis and forecasting accuracy.

Save on cost and time
spent on planning

Using industry best practices, our team can help integrate your existing systems into a streamlined solution tailored around your Finance team’s requirements. Here are the key features of our implementations for Law Firms and Professional Services:

Metrics that Matter for Legal and Professional Organizations

Overtime Hours

Realization Rate

Utilization Rate

Collection Rate

Absenteeism Rate

Employee Turnover

Discover the Elite Technology for Your Practice

Best-of-breed. Global provider of innovative business management solutions for Legal and Professional Service Organizations. Providing greater visibility into all aspects of your business: Thomson Reuters Elite 3E and ProLaw.

Plan with Greater Confidence

Enhance your Financial Planning today. As experts in BI and Planning solutions and trusted implementation partners, modernize and drive your practice with ProLytics today.

The Value of Power BI

Our visualized solution presents a distinctive method of merging diverse data sources with financial information into one consolidated area. By using our platform, your firm can incorporate HR resource planning, better cost transparency, and budgeting to obtain a holistic understanding of your operations.

Why work with ProLytics​

ProLytics Consulting Group is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in the areas of Enterprise Performance Management and Financial Business Intelligence Analytics. Our focus is on consulting, development, implementation, upgrades, support, and training with today’s industry-leading technology partners: Vena SolutionsProphixThomson Reuter Elite, and Microsoft Silver Data Analytics

We understand and value that each company is unique, and are committed to working closely with each customer to find and deliver value-added technology solutions that solve their one-of-a-kind challenges.

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