Metrics that Matter

Pro-Insights Reporting Package

Get interactive plug-and-play financial reports that provide metrics and numbers that matter for your business with features such as automated data refreshes, GL drill-through capability, Artificial Intelligence analysis and more.

Financial Overview

Overall Financial health of your business at a glance with key financial KPIs and ratios displayed

Financial Performance

Summary view of financial performance, growth and profitability by product

Detailed Income Statement

Detailed Comparative Income Statement presented with drill up/down and drill through capabilities 

Financial Position

Presents the Financial Position of the company to assess the financial health and to identify trends and risks

Detailed Balance Sheet

Detailed Balance Sheet presented with drill up/down and drill through capabilities

Cash Flow

Provides information on cash position, cash conversion cycle and overall ability to fund expenses and to pay back debt

AI Analysis

Leverage Power BI Artificial Intelligence to dive into your financial data to understand drivers and uncover trends

What If Analysis & Forecasting

Performs What If Analysis and Forecasting based on historical data to plan and to make better decisions

Get started with Pro-Insights


Connect with us to setup a meeting where we will assess your reporting processes & requirements to create an action plan tailored for you.


Our team will configure the Pro-Insights reporting pack to your Vena data models and make your reports available to start using.


ProLytics will provide administrator and report-building training to ensure your team can get the most of the solution.