Vena Path

Incentive Compensation Management

Embrace the best of Excel without compromising security, scalability, collaboration and control 

Why use ICM software in the first place?

The true value of an ICM solution is its ability to handle compensation complexities and adapt to new market conditions with greater accuracy, reliability, and visibility. More importantly: an easy learning curve for its end users to maintain with minimal vendor support. Here some of the other features of an ICM solution:

Automate Calculations
and Reporting

Increased scalability and operational performance​ through automation

Increase overall accuracy

Creating effective compensation plan that aligns with corporate goals and transparency in commissions

Reduce Costs

Decreased overpayment or underpayment, saving organizations from 3-5% in compensation

Provide comprehensive picture

Optimize business processes and plan with faster data-driven analytics, shortening time to make decisions

Best of Both Worlds: Vena + Excel

What makes Vena appealing to Finance teams is how it embraces the use of Excel. Naturally, the goal is to leverage everything we love about Excel and utilize Vena to mitigate some of Excel’s challenges below:

Sales Operations and Finance teams can still administer incentive compensation plans, calculations and reporting in Excel with its models, formulas and templates.

Vena Path ICM solution leverages native Excel while still handling the complexities of Incentive Compensation Management and Commission Calculations.

Vena ICM Advantage

Vena ICM is ready to import your sophisticated Excel models, formulas and tools into the Vena ecosystem. Compensation admins can easily adopt Vena while still using their builds within Vena, with the added feature of auditing and tracing changes.

Traditional Systems

Vena ICM Solution


Keep using Excel for Sales Compensation Management

Learn why Excel works for Sales Operations and Finance teams involved in Commission Management and calculations with our ICM solution.