Vena Path

Incentive Compensation Management

Combine industry best practices to extend Microsoft Excel for Sales Commission Calculations

Embracing Excel

Sales Operations and Finance teams still administer incentive compensation plans, calculations and reporting in Excel by using its models, formulas and templates.

The Vena Path – ICM solution leverages native Excel while still handling the complexities of Incentive Compensation Management and Commission Calculations.

Changes are captured and traceable in Vena

Takeaways & Features

Ease of use and familiarity

Excel is widely used everyday throughout business organizations for a variety of use cases.


This lets you keep all your models, formulas, templates and other time-saving tools you have customized over the years.

Customizable workflow engine

A collaborative workflow to manage approvals and to audit the file and data changes on the spreadsheet.

Integrated report & Analytics

Integrates data from HRIS, CRM and ERP for the ability to view sales details in a centralized and powerful database

Why not keep using Excel

Commission software is supposed to provide a powerful motivation for teams, but it defeats the purpose if its business users can’t actually use it or understand it.

Moreover, many compensation admins have already built up a set of sophisticated, tested and working commission models, formulas and tools in Excel.


Why Finance teams continue to use Excel for Sales Compensation Management

Learn why Excel works for Sales Operations and Finance teams involved in Commission Management and calculations with our ICM solution.

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