Designing a Launch Pad for Data Transformation

Building a Robust Foundation for Efficient Scaling

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Global Presence and Expertise enables specific solutions for diverse geographical conditions

"The importance of the ProLytics team's timely responses cannot be stressed enough. It made a significant difference in our collaboration."

Louis Liu CPA, CA
Operations Controller, Finance
Lifting Solutions

Before ProLytics Implementation

In the pursuit of financial excellence, Lifting Solutions embarked on a transformative journey with ProLytics Consulting Group to establish a strong foundation for efficient scaling and data-supported decision-making. This whitepaper showcases how ProLytics’ FP&A implementation empowered Lifting Solutions to unlock new horizons of financial planning and analysis, driving the company towards optimized operations and sustainable growth.

Establishing a Solid Foundation with VENA
Recognizing the need for a solid financial framework, Lifting Solutions collaborated with ProLytics Consulting Group to lay the groundwork for efficient scaling. Leveraging Vena’s powerful data integration and ETL functions, the foundation for revenue planning by customer, product type, and country in multiple currencies was established. This set the stage for precise forecasting and strategic decision-making.

Efficient Scaling for Growth
With the foundation in place, Lifting Solutions gained the ability to scale efficiently. The FP&A implementation streamlined budgeting with existing actuals volume and pricing data, empowering the finance team to make informed decisions with a stronger data-supported direction. The process of financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting was further optimized through Vena and Power BI integration, enabling real-time insights for agile and data-driven actions.

"The competency and the fast responding time that the ProLytics has demonstrated showed that the team not only is very good that what they do
but also cares about their clients."

Louis Liu CPA, CA
Operations Controller, Finance
Lifting Solutions

Empowering the Finance Team

ProLytics Consulting Group’s expertise and guidance provided the finance team at Lifting Solutions with newfound capabilities. The team became adept at building Vena templates and reports, fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and data empowerment. Armed with data-supported insights, the finance team had a stronger direction to navigate the complexities of financial management, propelling Lifting Solutions towards greater efficiency.

Fueling Sustainable Growth
The integration of Vena with the company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering ensured seamless bookings to revenue recognition, enhancing financial performance. This alignment of financial planning and business operations set the stage for sustainable growth, where data-supported direction played a central role in guiding strategic choices.

A Journey to Greater Heights
As Lifting Solutions looks towards the future, the collaboration with ProLytics Consulting Group remains instrumental in its ongoing success. The roadmap for future phases includes incorporating planning for manufacturing cost and materials cost, further enhancing operational efficiency and cost optimization.  The immediate next-phase is to start sharing the findings through visual dashboarding leveraging PowerBI and ProLytics Pro-Insights. 

Scaling Upwards from a Strong Foundation

Lifting Solutions’ journey, from laying a solid foundation to efficient scaling, has been a testament to the transformative impact of data-supported direction. The FP&A implementation by ProLytics Consulting Group has empowered the finance team with the tools they need to make informed decisions and navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. With a commitment to data-driven insights and a partnership focused on growth, Lifting Solutions stands poised to soar to even greater heights in the dynamic world of data analytics and financial management.  This led them to embark on the next stage of their data journey with ProLytics – Pro-Insights with PowerBI data visual dashboarding!

Key Benefits of PowerBi Solution

The implementation of ProLytics Pro-Insights  solution yielded significant advantages, including:

Analyze process

Enhanced Data Visibility and Clarity

Real-time Access to Insights

Customizable Visualizations

Data-driven Decisions

The PowerBi dashboard offered a comprehensive and lucid view of revenue data, empowering stakeholders to discern trends, identify patterns, and address potential concerns with ease.

With live data accessible on both computers and mobile devices, key decision-makers had the power to access real-time insights on the go. This seamless accessibility significantly reduced the need for constant revenue inquiries and fostered a more agile decision-making process.

The PowerBi solution’s flexibility allowed for customizable visualizations tailored to meet various stakeholders’ preferences. This adaptability enabled the organization to present data in an engaging and meaningful manner, enhancing overall understanding and collaboration.

The interactive nature of the dashboard empowered the organization to drill down into specific data points, facilitating data-driven decisions and strategic planning.

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