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Experience Uninterrupted Support with an Industry Leading Platform

Avoid a Competitive Disadvantage

Using outdated or unsupported FP&A tools can hinder your organization's ability to adapt to changing market conditions and make informed, data-driven decisions.
This can put you at a disadvantage compared to competitors who are using and have the support of modern FP&A solutions.

Review the below highlights to see what Vena does better:


Data permission

Drill Down
Zoom In

Audit Capability

ETL Automation

Map your organization’s process in Vena’s workflow for ultimate collaborations

Restrict sensitive information across users with Cube level data permissions

Easily drill down into your data to lowest level with a single click

Easily track changes in the system with audit trail and drill saves

Automate data loads for a wide variety of systems

Neglecting to provide support for your operations can expose you to risks.

Each Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) platform may introduce a range of risks and obstacles, contingent on the specific configuration and your organizational needs.

To effectively tackle these challenges, it is advisable to consider making an investment in and shifting to a state-of-the-art FP&A platform with robust vendor support. This transition can enhance security, data accuracy, operational efficiency, and ensure alignment with industry standards and regulations, reinforcing your commitment to stable support and adopting a best-of-breed vendor approach.

Platform Migration Scenarios

Your Company has Grown since Initial Onplan Integration

As businesses progress beyond the small business phase, more established FP&A software solutions like Vena tend to deliver superior value for their investment.

Your Finance team are already Excel Experts

As with organization growth, the suite of tools also grows.  With a growing dependence on Excel you want a tool with minimal disruption to your existing processes.

Re-evaluation of Requirements Present and Future

Migrate to a new FP&A solution that aligns better with their current and future requirements. This process can be a seamless replacement with the goal to replace the orphaned platform with a more robust, supported, and sustainable FP&A solution to ensure continued effective financial planning and analysis.

Our Strategic Partnerships

We are proud to work with some of the leading technology partners in the Enterprise Performance Management and BI Analytics industry.

Our team of experts can create the migration path that keeps your business operations front & center.

Assessment and Direction from Industry Best Practices

Current State Analysis and Recommended Approach


Strategy and Transition Roadmap Development


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