Pro-Insights Reporting Package for Senior Living & Assisted Living Communities

Clear Data Insights easily presentable to community directors at all operation touch-points.

Interact with our Pro-Insights package below. Each Power BI report includes customizable metrics and calculations that fit your specific industry.

We offer improved visibility into the key areas of your operations

Stale Data

Stale data may be the result of delayed or missed documentation, inconsistent data entry practices, or insufficient staff training on documentation and data management procedures. Without the real-time data, it limits the ability to identify and address your most problematic areas of practice or expenses that affect your organization's profitability.

Unified HR and Finance Systems

Disconnected systems reduce your efficiency levels, making it difficult for the Office of Finance to quickly uncover key metrics and insights about your personnel resources. By ensuring that finance and HR systems are properly integrated and aligned, senior living centers can improve their ability to track and report on financial and human resources data, which can support better decision-making and financial management.

Improving Audit Readiness

Centralized reporting and record-keeping makes it easy for communities to demonstrate they are providing quality care and adherence to current regulations. By maintaining accurate and up-to-date data, senior living centers can provide auditors with the information they need to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, ensure quality of care for residents, and identify areas for improvement.

We Listen to Your Facility's Data

We understand that financial data systems, staffing and scheduling software, marketing and occupancy data, and resident satisfaction surveys are all important aspects of running a successful senior living facility. But, when they’re all managed separately, it can be tough to get a clear picture of what’s really going on.

Our team specializes in data integration and analytics solutions that can bring all of these data sources together into one place. We’ll work with your different departments and vendors to make sure everything is organized and standardized, then develop customized analytics and reporting tools to give you a complete view of your operations.

With our solution, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, improve efficiency, and save money by streamlining your data processes. Plus, we’ll provide training and ongoing support to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your new tools.

Enhanced Occupancy Planning

Clear and simple visualizations that display a variety of comparisons between Rents, Resident by Room Type and overall Profitability by Room Type.

Revenue per Available Room

Connecting the revenue data generated from various sources, such as resident fees, dining services, and ancillary services such as transportation and housekeeping to provide insight into the financial performance of the community and can be used to make informed decisions regarding pricing, occupancy, and revenue management strategies.

OpEx Spend

Better understand the expenses associated with running the senior living community, such as staffing, utilities, maintenance, food service, housekeeping, and administrative costs to forecast in priority areas such as optimizing staffing levels, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and negotiating favorable contracts with vendors.

Workforce Management

Improve managing of staff to ensure adequate coverage and quality care for residents. Staffing and workforce management also include ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Financial Health & Overview Dashboard

Use the package outline on the left to navigate the reports and try out the sample dashboard. Enlarge the Power BI reports by using the full-screen option for a better view of the dashboards. We recommend using a Desktop browser for a more immersive and interactive experience.

This dashboard report provides a quick at-a-glance overview of the enterprise’s latest and trending financial health. Use KPIs, metrics, and ratios that are relevant and specific to your industry and vertical

Financial Performance Dashboard

View Financial Performance with high flexibility and control.

  • Provides a means of communicating the key financial metrics of your Revenue and Expenses across time, in order to ensure long-term viability and success. 
  • Presents an effective means of monitoring your assets and liabilities, thus providing a means to evaluate the capital structure of your company. 

Income Statement

A comparitive summary that provides an at-a-glance overview income statement that can be sliced and filtered for further granularity.


 A valuable tool for monitoring and analyzing capital expenditure performance, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning for future investments, allowing for immediate Depreciation vs Salvage ratios to complete an at-a-glance overall Asset Summary.

Resource Planning Overview

Employee resource summary within a BI dashboard serves as a valuable tool for HR professionals, managers, and executives to monitor and analyze workforce-related data. Bridging the gap between HR and Finance, It helps identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and take actions to optimize human resources and enhance organizational performance.

Resource Planning Detail

A detailed employee breakdown that provides immediate visibility into position, status, pay band, rates, weekly hours, sorted by employee ID, name and which community/department they occupy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any industry-related questions that are not listed here, contact us at for more details or fill in the form below. 

Within 48 hours, someone from our business intelligence team will be in touch with you soon to answer your inquiry. For any immediate inquiries, call 905-947-1223.

If Pro-Insights is a ready-to-go reporting package, would there be an option for us to customize the reports?

The above sample reporting package is designed to be a turnkey and ready-to-go-live solution for businesses that require a quick turnover in BI strategy. 

Is there an option to somewhat or fully customize our Pro-Insights Reporting Package?

Quick customization options are available including connecting your data models, fine-tuning business-specific KPIs, additional visualizations, and brand personalizations according to your enterprise's unique aesthetics such as color palette, logos, fonts, and more.

For more options in the building process, collaborate and work with our experts to determine what your must-have and nice-to-have requirements are for your Pro-Insights package and BI strategy. Any dashboards and features can be customized according to your enterprise's needs and requirements. 

What if we want to build something unique for our business?

Yes! If you explain your vision and goal, our BI experts will work with you and your team to discuss if your requirements are cost-efficient, feasible, and secure to accomplish within your given timeline and budget.

I am unable to view the sample dashboards.

Give the reports some time to load and connect before exiting. Try adjusting the filters and slicers to load a different set of data. Because we use randomized data, some time periods may not have existing data yet.

If the content is still unable to load after a while, please contact our team at to troubleshoot this issue or to request a more comprehensive demo and walkthrough with one of our BI experts.

Can I have a comprehensive sample of what organizations in my industry are currently using?

Yes, we can give you an industry-specific demo and walkthrough of this! To do so, contact our team at to request a more comprehensive demo and you will be scheduled for a booking with our BI team.

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