Create Powerful Vena Data Stories

Tell your Vena financial narrative and performance with the Pro-Insights Reporting Package. Using Power BI’s engaging and interactive visuals, enable your enterprise to make data-informed decisions every day.

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Capture meaningful snapshots of your business growth

Get access to real-time key metrics that are hidden within data at a glance. Improve business decisions through self-service data analytics by your specified time period and scenarios at anywhere and anytime.

Reporting Pack

The starter reporting package contains 8 customizable BI dashboard reports.

Training & Enablement

Receive training sessions and exercises to confidently use and update your Power BI dashboards.


Create ready-to-go tailored reports to present to your CFO, and key stakeholders. Set up security and regular performance-tuning for a successful and secure rollout to your end-users.

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Vena to Power BI

Integrate your Vena data sources to the Power BI platform in a matter of minutes with the Vena Power BI Connector.


Our team will ensure that your enterprise requirements are met and provide a value-added BI strategy for your business.

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Connect other common data sources to drive further insights across your organization at scale. 

Plug-and-Play Financial Reports

Unlock growth-oriented insights

Our interactive plug-and-play package provides reports that are ready to grow and scale alongside your business. Enjoy features like automated data refreshes, scheduled reporting, GL drill-through capability, AI analysis, and more.

The Pro-Insights Reporting Pack contains the following 8 dashboards and reports:

  • Financial Overview

  • Financial Performance

  • Financial Position

  • Detailed Income Statement

  • Detailed Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow

  • AI Analysis

  • What If Analysis & Forecasting

Pro-Insights Sample Reports

Receive metrics that matter

Use full-screen mode to enlarge the report and to see Pro-Insights in action.

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Get started in 3 easy steps


Connect with us to setup a meeting where we will assess your reporting processes & requirements to create an action plan tailored for you.


Our team will configure the Pro-Insights reporting pack to your Vena data models and make your reports available to start using.


ProLytics will provide administrator and report-building training to ensure your team can get the most of the solution.

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