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Synchronize Production Planning and Operations for Optimal Cost-Efficiency

Manufacturing organizations often encounter overcapacity, pricing pressures, and equipment or inventory logistics. To overcome these industry challenges, discover a solution that drives operational success from forecasting to delivery.

Strategic Outcomes for Manufacturing Companies

Using industry best practices, our team can help integrate your existing systems with the new solution. Here are the key features of our implementations for Manufacturing organizations:

Optimize Production Capacity

Understand your overall business performance to capitalize on new areas of opportunities, remain agile to changes in demand, and stay ahead of your competitors.​

Monitor Performance & Reduce Risk

Effectively monitor and analyze your revenue and margin by product, market to immediately pivot to the changing conditions from your well-performing to poor-performing products.​

Save Time

Identify problems and evaluate an alternative plan of action by creating What-If simulations to achieve your objectives and reduce your planning time.

Plan with Production Flexibility

As a capital-intensive and competitive industry, Manufacturing companies face complex challenges in the ever-changing business environment and unexpected demand. Utilize a solution that offers the ability to grow alongside your production and productivity benchmarks.

Common Challenges for Complex Manufacturing

The Manufacturing industry is impacted by changing market conditions such as commodity pricing, labor rates, technology, tariffs, and more. These conditions affect the FP&A function of the finance team.


To effectively manage inventory, your company must monitor accurate numbers to confirm employees are producing the right product at the best time and reduce the overall manufacturing cycle time.

Cash Flow

As a high-volume business with long shipping times, your organization must monitor and discover reasonable payment terms with vendors and customers for positive cash flow and your company's solvency levels.


For optimal product pricing, you must understand how to effectively utilize your spending areas like utilities, rent, supplies, and insurance to retain your most productive employees who best deliver your desired results.​

Capital Equipment

In a competitive industry to operate, Manufacturing companies like yours must remain up to date with equipment and its efficiency levels before it becomes obsolete and inefficient.

Operational Metrics for Manufacturing and Production

Asset Turnover

Your assets in relation to your revenue

Overall Operations Effectiveness

Monitor your operational efficiency

Production Volume

Measure the success of your employees

Capacity Utilization

Optimize the use of your capacities

Production Cost

Keep track of the expenses used in the production

Unit Costs

Track your units cost over time

Launch Your Data into Value-added Streams

Successful manufacturing organizations effectively integrate finance with their business operations together. Get your organization connected with other departments to manage and future-proof your added complexities.

Scale Your Production with Confidence

Manufacturing companies often manage disconnected planning processes such as manual data entry from various sources or data consolidation from multiple departments. In turn, this can increase the risk of errors and create a lack of confidence to finance. ProLytics helps Manufacturing companies in:

Integrated Business Planning

CapEx and OpEx Planning

Resource Utilization and Allocations

What-If Scenario Modelling

Inventory Planning

Profitability Analysis

Automate Your Finance Function

As experts in Performance Management solutions, we help businesses like yours achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in FP&A function. Streamline your systems and processes to allow your finance teams and operation managers to uncover trends and actionable insights.

Why work with ProLytics​

ProLytics Consulting Group is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in the areas of Enterprise Performance Management and Financial Business Intelligence Analytics. Our focus is on consulting, development, implementation, upgrades, support, and training with today’s industry-leading technology partners: Vena SolutionsProphixThomson Reuter Elite, and Microsoft Silver Data Analytics

We understand and value that each company is unique, and are committed to working closely with each customer to find and deliver value-added technology solutions that solve their one-of-a-kind challenges.

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