Sales Performance Management

Optimize Sales Performance

Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a data-driven approach that streamlines Sales Processes to effectively help businesses manage sales performance. Get a single source of truth where your sales managers and other stakeholders can collaborate and plan with the same data.

Align your sales team’s plans with organizational strategy to enable your sales managers to keep track of each member’s individual performance. Use sales KPIs to keep track of your key success factors to help influence your bottom line.

Sales Performance Management is more than just automated processes, but it is a tool transforms data into insights to empower your sales team to drive growth.

Sales Planning

Build a sales plan and model that easily integrates with your existing data sources and uses AI to predict metrics. Automate your sales processes to eliminate error-prone tasks and to continuously enhance your plan all year round.

Incentive Compensation Management

Deploy and design incentives to drive sales performance that aligns your sales team behavior with your organization’s goals. Optimize your sales compensation plans to adapt with the changing business conditions.

Predictive Sales Analytics

Receive accurate sales forecasts and decision-making for predictive analysis and patterns in your historical data. Gain actionable insights and sales KPIs by relying on results that AI produces from your data.

Operational Sales Management

Create collaboration across sales, sales leadership and operations to manage the daily changes. Access a single source of financial truth to monitor overall performance and immediately identify the gaps.

Deploy an Sales Plan today

Traditionally, sales management tasks such quota setting, territory management, training, hiring and sales coaching are done by the sales team managers. 

Provide an additional layer to sales management with industry best practices to align your sales employees’ goals with the organizational goal of improving overall sales performance.

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