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In 2022, we have the opportunity to work with 2 Co-op students, Quan Tran and Esther Leung, during this past winter term. Quan and Esther are both fourth-year Co-op students studying at Ted Rogers School of Management (Ryerson University).

Quan is an Accounting and Finance student with a focus on Finance, worked closely with our Professional Services team. Esther is a Business Management student with a focus on Marketing Management, joined our Marketing Team. During this term, they have been working to support our organization to reach new heights and growth. Here’s what they have to share about their experience at ProLytics.

Q: Could you let us know what a day in the life of a Consulting Analyst looks like at ProLytics?

A: A day in the life of a Consulting Analyst involves discussions with the Project Leaders first. Project Leaders are the main contact of the clients and often help bridge the goals between the customer and our consulting team regarding the expectations of our services. Once our team and client have set the requirements, I will then start building my assigned part of the project and solutions, such as creating financial statement templates and reports. After I complete my tasks, I will communicate and report back to the Project Leaders about any discrepancies they may have come up with or improvements to the solution. In a way, Consulting Analysts are the individuals who perform the design of the solutions on a day-to-day basis.

Q: What was your biggest accomplishment at ProLytics so far?

A: My biggest accomplishment would be learning how to code at a beginner level, which is something that I am immensely proud of. As a Finance student, I have minimal experience and knowledge in code development. Even so, everyone at ProLytics is incredibly supportive and encouraging as they gave me the necessary resources to learn and complete each task.

Q: How did ProLytics set you up for success?

A: The ProLytics team is incredibly supportive of me as my senior analysts and consultants took the time to teach me and explain the concepts to make sure that I understood how to complete the tasks successfully. I also had the opportunity to demonstrate one of the products and solutions to clients, which provided great exposure to the world of consulting. The experience I gained at ProLytics is unbelievably valuable and helped me become more confident as future finance professional.

Q: What advice would you give to students/peers that are interested in the field of consulting?

A: I would tell other students to believe in themselves. There were times when I doubted myself and my abilities to be successful in my career. With the encouragement I received at ProLytics, I realized that anything is possible, and success is within reach when you put your mind to it and remember to believe in yourself as others have.

Q: How has your remote co-op experience impacted your work or personal life?

A: The remote work experience has taught me how to organize my schedule effectively and how to balance my work and personal life. I also find it beneficial to have the added flexibility when things get busy since I can get the work done sooner without the long commutes to the office. In addition, I learned how to work independently and as a team efficiently in a virtual setting. Overall, it was a great and valuable experience for me to grow and become more successful in the future.

Q: Could you let us know what a day in the life of a Marketing Analyst looks like at ProLytics?

A: A day in the life of a Marketing Analyst can be quite different every day, but it always revolves around working on marketing initiatives, including posting content, designing brochures, and content writing. Each week I would be preparing designs and captions for the following week’s LinkedIn content, editing marketing initiatives, conducting research for posts or brochures, and meetings with my manager for feedback and updates.

Q: What was your most memorable project or experience you had at ProLytics so far and why?

A: My most memorable project would be the Power BI Myth vs Fact LinkedIn post that was created at the beginning of my work term. For this post, it was one of the first marketing content that I was able to take full charge of brainstorming concepts, research, and design. The myth vs fact post was one of the most successful posts and responses as we had posted on LinkedIn based on the results from social media analytics. Not only was this a successful post, but it helped boost my confidence in the content and digital marketing.

Q: During challenging work situations, what helped you push through those challenging times in the role?

A: Having to adapt to the new work environment was a learning curve at first, as I was still learning and training on how to develop the marketing content. But the constant support and feedback from my manager helped me adjust to the work environment quickly. It helped me become more comfortable and confident in sharing my own ideas and asking any questions I may have.

Q: What advice would you give to students/peers that are interested in the field of marketing?

A: A piece of advice I would give is to continuously learn new concepts and ideas. Throughout my time at ProLytics as a Marketing Analyst, I learned a lot of new skills and knowledge that were useful in developing my career as a marketer. It helped me develop and create my own ideas and content we could create by exploring examples and trends you can implement to improve your content. For example, I would observe what other businesses’ LinkedIn pages have done on their pages and investigate sample content.

Q: How has your hybrid co-op experience impacted your work or personal life?

A: The flexible hybrid work model has increased my productivity and collaboration with my supervisor. Working in the office two days out of the week has its benefits. I can brainstorm and receive feedback more effectively through conversing in person. Also, I get to develop in-person team relationships through interacting with people in the office. Yet, I do enjoy the option to work from home since, I can work according to my own schedule, allowing me to work when I am the most productive and focused.

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