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When working with multiple processes within your Finance cube, it’s common to encounter scenarios where the same templates or reports are used. Making updates to these templates can be a tedious task if you have to modify them individually for each process. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to streamline template management and ensure changes apply to the same template across different processes.

1. Utilize Global Files:

same template-multiple processes

One effective approach is to leverage Global Files, which allow you to link a single file to multiple processes. By linking templates or reports to a Global File, any changes made to the file will automatically apply to all processes using it. However, please note that Vena365 does not currently support Global Files. If you are using the older add-in, this can be a viable solution.

2. Consider Local Process Files:

In Vena365 and its subsequent updates, it is recommended to use local process files. While this may require some adjustments if you previously used Global Files, it offers the advantage of taking full advantage of Vena365 features and updates. With local process files, you can still maintain consistency by implementing efficient file structuring practices.

3. Plan Ahead:

If you’re in the early stages of designing your template structure, it’s beneficial to consider potential future needs. By organizing your templates in a thoughtful manner, you can minimize the effort required to make updates across multiple processes. Proper planning upfront can save time and ensure scalability as your organization’s requirements evolve.

4. Establish a Change Management Process:

Implementing a structured change management process can help streamline template updates. Define roles and responsibilities within your team, such as a template administrator, who will oversee template modifications. Ensure there is clear communication and documentation regarding changes made, ensuring consistency and minimizing errors.

5. Leverage Version Control:

Consider implementing a version control system to track template changes. This allows you to keep a record of previous versions and revert to earlier iterations if needed. Version control adds an extra layer of protection and ensures you can always access and reference past templates.



In conclusion, efficiently managing templates across multiple processes is vital for ensuring consistency and efficiency in your Finance cube. By implementing strategies such as Global Files (in older versions of Vena) and transitioning to local process files, you can streamline template management and simplify updates. Additionally, planning ahead, establishing a change management process, and leveraging version control contribute to a seamless workflow.

ProLytics Consulting Group, with their extensive experience and successful integrations with industry leaders in various sectors such as legal, senior living, not-for-profit, and manufacturing, demonstrates their expertise in managing templates across multiple processes. Their proven track record showcases their ability to tailor solutions that align with organizations’ unique systems and effectively utilize available tools and features.

By adopting these best practices and learning from the expertise of industry leaders like ProLytics, you can optimize your template management process, save valuable time and effort, and achieve seamless integration across all your finance processes. Invest in the right strategies and tools to maximize the potential of your Finance cube and drive success for your organization.

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