ProLytics Pro-Insights

Take Control of Your Business and Financial Data

Receive regular actionable insights for accurate decisions and improve overall performance and drive your enterprise in the direction you need it to go.

Every enterprise and its business challenges are unique

Built for FP&A teams, identify your organization’s areas of opportunity, improvement, and threats to accelerate your areas of profitability and reduce waste to redirect your expenses and resources.

The Pro-Insights Reporting Package indicates insights so you can be ready to pivot and make quality data-informed decisions for your business at any point in time.


Import data from your organization data sources.


Build analytical models by combining data and metadata.


Create measures and specific metrics to report and analyze.


Customize reports then securely share with your peers.


Set up data refresh schedules so your data is up-to-date.

The Value of Power BI

Power BI’s powerful visuals and analytics tap into your data sources to access KPIs and insights that you may have overlooked. Access data-informed predictions and insights to answer your most important business questions.

Turn your data into growth

Pro-Insights Advantage

Integrate Your Data

Perform a comprehensive business analysis with all your existing data sources in your Pro-Insights Reporting Package. The data sources available for integration into Power BI are:

Connect to various online services such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Meta4, QuickBooks, and more.

See how Pro-Insights integrates with Vena Solutions at

SQL, Access, Oracle, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, and more

SQL database, Blob Storage, Table Storage, DocumentDB, Data Lake Store, HDInsight, and more

Flat files loaded directly or contained in folder. These include: Excel, Text, CSV, JSON, PDF, SharePoint Folder and more.

Customer Success Story with Living water International

Unleash your business-wide data strategy

In this demo, learn more about how we helped Living Water International build engaging and interactive dashboards within Power BI to easily communicate complex financial business intelligence.

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Create Personalized Business Reports

Power BI’s rich visualizations allow you to easily create and share company results with your key stakeholders with the best visual data analytics and features. Dedicated metrics provide insights and new efficiencies to run your business better.


Get a single view of key metrics and business performance at anytime and any place

Business Managers

Make informed business decisions and provide the right answers with data analytics

Data Analysts or Scientists

Turn data into insights in order to bring value to the findings and analysis

Pro-Insights Reporting Package

Interact with Plug-and-Play Reports

Power BI’s rich visualizations and analytics consolidate business insights with graphs and operational KPIs into one simple report to stakeholders. Try out features such as automated data refreshes, GL drill-through capability, time slicers and filters, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


Connect with us to setup a meeting where we will assess your reporting processes & requirements to create an action plan tailored for you.


Our team will configure the Pro-Insights reporting pack to your data models and make your reports available to start using.


ProLytics will provide administrator and report-building training to ensure your team can get the most of the solution.