A Financial Management Project & Implementation

PSI streamlines quote & job information entry into a Centralized Data Model across 15+ Divisions

Key Facts of Place Services Inc.

Provides Remodelling & Construction Management Services

US Nationwide Commercial General Contractor and Subcontractor

Over $100 million in business each year

Before ProLytics Implementation

PSI was looking for a solution that not only manages the status of its Construction Projects but can also track its Financials at the same time. With over 15 different divisions monitoring their own finances, it is difficult to keep track and create forecasts for all revenue and expenses without the right system in place.

As they were exploring various software and vendor, there are no readily available platforms that can provide monitor each project’s entire life cycle, job tracking activities, and a financial system that can easily grow and scale alongside PSI’s strategic changes.

Building an Adaptable Solution

Collaborating together in the Requirements and Implementation Process, the PSI’s FP&A Team and ProLytics created a Cloud-based solution using Vena Solutions to allow better flexibility and ease of use for the cross-functional users in the Vena Environment.

By translating the key requirements into realizable functions and features, the Implementation Project was customized outside the traditional FP&A model in order to suit PSI’s unique business requirements and to intuitively incorporate their existing data, logic, and Excel models into the new platform.

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