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The senior living industry is rapidly evolving and becoming more complex, with increased competition and changing regulations.  To remain competitive and meet the needs of residents, it is critical for senior living community operators to have access to meaningful, accurate and real-time data.  Data analytics provides the tools and techniques necessary to gather, process and analyze large amounts of data, and turn it into meaningful insights that can help senior living communities make informed decisions.

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We offer improved visibility into the key areas of your operations

Revenue per Available Room

Connecting the revenue data generated from various sources, such as resident fees, dining services, and ancillary services such as transportation and housekeeping to provide insight into the financial performance of the community and can be used to make informed decisions regarding pricing, occupancy, and revenue management strategies.

OpEx Spend

Better understand the expenses associated with running the senior living community, such as staffing, utilities, maintenance, food service, housekeeping, and administrative costs to forecast in priority areas such as optimizing staffing levels, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and negotiating favorable contracts with vendors.

Workforce Management

Improve managing of staff to ensure adequate coverage and quality care for residents. Staffing and workforce management also include ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Stale Data

Stale data may be the result of delayed or missed documentation, inconsistent data entry practices, or insufficient staff training on documentation and data management procedures. Without the real-time data, it limits the ability to identify and address your most problematic areas of practice or expenses that affect your organization's profitability.

Unified HR and Finance Systems

Disconnected systems reduce your efficiency levels, making it difficult for the Office of Finance to quickly uncover key metrics and insights about your personnel resources. By ensuring that finance and HR systems are properly integrated and aligned, senior living centers can improve their ability to track and report on financial and human resources data, which can support better decision-making and financial management.

Audit Readiness

Centralized reporting and record-keeping makes it easy for communities to demonstrate they are providing quality care and adherence to current regulations. By maintaining accurate and up-to-date data, senior living centers can provide auditors with the information they need to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, ensure quality of care for residents, and identify areas for improvement.

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Improve Audit & Compliance Readiness

Data analytics can help senior living operators automate and streamline their reporting processes, making it easier to generate compliance reports, financial statements, and other documents required by regulatory bodies. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors or omissions.   ProLytics is a top implementation provider and have worked with senior living operators to identify where they can improve their processes, reduce costs, and enhance their services. This can help them stay ahead of the curve and maintain their competitive edge. Our solution aims to integrate your critical data sources and optimize reporting processes, enabling you to efficiently identify potential compliance issues and fraud risks. This, in turn, empowers senior living operators to promptly address these concerns, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating potential financial and reputational risks. We empower finance departments to build, modify and report on models that provide useful insights for complex financial planning processes. Data analytics can help senior living communities identify areas where they can improve operational efficiency, such as reducing expenses and increasing resident satisfaction.

Metrics that Matter for Senior Living Communities Operations

Occupancy Rate

Average Length of Stay

Employee Turnover

Overtime Hours

Occupancy and Demand Forecasting

Caregiver to Resident Ratio

Streamline regular reporting, planning and decision making

Save time and cost that is regularly spent on regular reporting efforts.  Using industry best practices, our team can help integrate your existing systems into new your new software solution. Here are the key features that leverage automation to reduce errors and unify data sources to simplify reporting.

Optimize Reporting and Business Analytics

Migrate your current processes for a modern, fully supported planning and reporting tool. Working with ProLytics, our team will help you tap into data insights from your dashboards to keep track of your firm’s real-time profitability and more.

Plan with Greater Confidence

Improve accuracy, generate reports more quickly, gain better visibility into financial performance, enhance forecasting, provide greater transparency to stakeholders, and plan for the future with greater confidence. By using reliable and timely financial information, senior living operations can make informed decisions and identify areas of strength and weakness to drive operational improvements.

Optimize your Financial Planning today. As experts in BI and Planning solutions and trusted implementation partners, modernize and drive your organization with ProLytics today.

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From financial and labor expense planning, reporting, analytics, and insights, this Vena-based planning solution uses industry best practices to help drive better business decisions by integrating your existing ERP, reporting systems and management system into Vena Solutions.

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