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On April 4th, 2023, we were pleased to be joined by the Finance Office of Loopstra Nixon LLP. Our webinar was to provide an overview of the potential benefits that Law Firms can realize through the implementation of Data Analytics. These benefits include the reduction of time, improvement of accuracy, and enhancement of decision-making processes.

Better forecasting and decision making start here

Learn how utilizing modern planning and data analysis can enhance your reporting on timekeeper costs and profitability. Discover the valuable organizational insights that can be gained from reporting dashboards, leading to improved profitability analysis and forecasting accuracy.

• Enhancing transparency and avoiding profit loss through accurate cost-to-serve reporting and timekeeper profitability analysis.

• Integrating your legal practice management systems and other data sources for more comprehensive planning, quick scenario modeling, improved financial and management reporting, and clear dashboarding.

Key Moments:

Identifying Data Fragmentation

Dashboards & Visualizations

Guest Speaker Q&A

Client's Selection Criteria & Testimonial

Profitability Analysis in Action

Discover how we address typical implementation obstacles by achieving alignment

Stale Data

Without the real-time data, it limits the ability to identify and address your most problematic areas of practice or expenses that affect your organization's profitability.

Disconnected HR and Finance Systems

Disconnected systems reduce your efficiency levels, making it difficult for the Office of Finance to quickly uncover key metrics and insights about your personnel resources.

Long Deployment Times

Time is often wasted due to long deployment periods and costly implementation services as current solutions in the market may not fit the requirements of Law Firms and Professional Services.

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