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Are Remote Implementations sustainable and reliable?

The need for remote software and project implementations has increased during the pandemic with companies transitioning their solutions to be deployed remotely. You might be considering a new solution or upgrade, but you are hesitant if a virtual implementation will work.  

Since the news of the pandemic and government-mandated travel restrictions, we have successfully implemented new budgeting solutions, and aided, and trained current customers with their existing planning processes by going virtual.

Time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

At the moment, you may be weighing your options: “Should we go with an on-site solution from a local partner? How can we be confident in a virtual implementation which is as efficient and effective as an on-site one? 

It is difficult to envision what the product may look like, especially in the online nature of the COVID-19 business environment. We understand that your organization may have reservations about starting a new project and deployment including communicating your project requirements with us or even being skeptical of the quality of our online team. 

Although we can’t decide for you, we believe that we can help dispel your doubts by addressing some common myths about remote implementation so you can kick off your first remote project!

Myth #1: Diminishing Quality of Work

Although choosing a local partner provides the advantage and choice to host an on-site project, it should not be the only factor when deciding which partner to go with. You need to also consider other factors such as budget, project scope, requirements, period, and more. 

Going with an on-site project does not automatically equate to a better quality of work in comparison to remote projects. It is possible that certain partners may not be the best fit for understanding your business’ current industry needs when you limit the candidate pool.

At ProLytics, we are committed and confident to build and deliver a solution that not only exceeds your requirements but ensures your success with the solution for the years to come. As you expand your scope to global partners, your business is now not limited to your talent pool, but you have great access to an extensive range of experienced and qualified partners. Do not let remote implementations deter you from considering.

At first, we were apprehensive about the online process and meetings. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we would not have thought that this approach would be so successful, given that the implementation and training were done remotely.
Michael Terry
Senior Manager FPA at HFI Inc.

Myth #2: Increased Expenses

During this tumultuous year, companies have decided to cut down and save on any unnecessary expenses. With virtual implementations, get your organization back on track in time for planning, budgeting, and forecasting season and save on substantial time and cost.  

We work with organizations anywhere at any time. This flexibility allows our team to work according to your schedule and even outside of productive office hours. No longer will your team spend on unnecessary travel expenses, but also have more time to work on the project as it is not lost to travel days and time zone differences.

On-premises systems can be a costly investment that not every business can at once afford. With the physical constraints, ProLytics offers technology and solutions that can help protect your bottom line. Unlike an On-Premises legacy system, our implementations will not require a physical installation of the system or when performing system upgrades. So if you are missing an IT department, software updates are automated if connected to the Internet and the chosen technology vendor’s services.

As we are also a growing small business, we understand and have experienced firsthand navigating through new challenges this past year. Although we hope for things to return to normal, our team took some time to re-evaluate our services. In turn, our team has pivoted our services to address the reservations ProLytics’ customers may have and better suit the updated requirements of customers.

Myth #3: Decreased Team Collaboration and Productivity

There are surprising benefits of remote implementations that not only save time but also create better team dynamics. ProLytics provides extensive product knowledge and experience with the software partner and tools we implement.

Without compromising on IT security, features such as version control and concurrency allow you to track user changes and closely collaborate on building the solution. Your system is hosted on the cloud for our experts to monitor the implementation with you.

Moreover, leveraging secure video conferencing applications, video, and screen sharing allows us to provide quick and personal support when needed. We can identify and resolve issues, train users, and answer any questions as if our team was there with you.

Deciding on an EPM Vendor?

Before committing to a vendor, it is important to consider what features and requirements you need. Find the right solution and EPM/CPM vendor for your organization today.

Consider a Remote Implementation with ProLytics

ProLytics will help your business continue to take steps forward through effective planning and analysis in this time of business uncertainty. Remote work has not hindered our dedication to our clients. We have continued to successfully implement new budgeting solutions and assist clients with their existing planning processes with our ProLytics Remote Process. Read and understand more about the Remote Process here.

Ready for virtual project implementation or have more questions for us? Get started here with a ProLytics remote solution, we will formulate a plan of action that is achievable and tailored for your business. 

About ProLytics

ProLytics Consulting Group is a business and technology consulting firm specializing in the areas of Enterprise Performance Management and Financial Business Intelligence Analytics. Our team brings decades of successful implementation experience across industries and verticals. We understand and value that each company is unique. We are committed to working closely with customers to find and deliver value-added technology solutions that solve their one-of-a-kind challenges.

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