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G2 is a key website for real users to share authentic reviews about technologies, tools, and platforms that they use. These peer reviews and insights are helpful to other users and Finance Professionals to empower them to make informed decisions and explore options for their business requirements.

Doing something for the first time no matter how simple always seems a bit daunting, so we’re here to help! Below are simple step-by-step instructions and FAQs to walk you through how to go about submitting your G2 review. Your review will help us greatly!


Step 1 – Visit ProLytics Consulting Group’s G2 profile page

Click on “Write a Review”

Step 2 – Sign in to G2 to review

Click on “Continue to Login”

  • Option 1: Your LinkedIn Account (This is easiest method to login as you won’t have to additionally sign up)
  • Option 2: Google Business – only applies to organization’s using GSuite as their primary email client
  • Option 3: Your Business Email

Once you fill out the following form in G2, you will receive an email for account verification. Click on the link via the verification email.

Step 3 – Write your review

It might seem like there are a lot of questions, but they are fairly simple!

  • Too many questions? Don’t worry! There are multiple sections, but be sure to fill in all “required” fields
  • Please try to fill in as many questions as possible from the customer satisfaction survey. That being said, answering the other optional questions will help other users like yourself evaluate and explore our services better in comparison to others in the market.
  • Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the survey for progress

Step 4 – Submit your review

Once you have completed all the necessary sections, take some time to:

  • Review your answers and make sure they are accurate and valid
  • Ensure you have reached the minimum characters for the applicable questions
  • Click “Submit” to finish

You are done!

If you would like to leave us a review, visit ProLytics’ G2 profile page


1. Why do I need to sign up with G2 in order to leave a review?

G2 needs to verify your identity to confirm that you are not an employee or competitor of the software you’re reviewing. LinkedIn profiles and business emails are the best way to verify your information. However, this information is not tied to your review and you can choose to post your review anonymously.

2. Can I post my G2 Reviews anonymously?

Yes, the choice is yours! If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a review with your name attached, there is an option in the survey “Allow my review to show my name and face in the G2 community”. If you select “No”, your name, company and image will not be publicly visible in the review. Instead, it will appear like in the example below.

3. How long does the review process take to go live?

You can view the status of all your reviews by logging in here and clicking “Read Review” next to the review in question. If your review has been approved, it will be live on the site. If your review has not been approved, it will be blurred out, and we will not be able to send any reward until it is updated to reflect our community guidelines.


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