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Experience Financial Transparency

Non-Profits often face challenges in managing administrative workload, accountability, and transparency of company finances. Today, Non-Profit admins need a finance solution that allows them to automate planning, budgeting, and reporting to focus on their passion projects and programs.

Create Reliable Budgets and Reports

Using industry best practices, our team can help integrate your existing systems with the new solution. Here are the key features of our implementations for Not for Profit organizations:

Manage Donor Fund Allocations

Monitor your cash flow in real-time with dashboards that align your cash flow planning with your P&L. See the immediate impact of fundraising campaigns and marketing initiatives on your short- and long-term plans.

Shorten Budget Cycles

Align your budget and plans with the timing of donations and grant funding by using cost-driver modeling and detailed allocation methods.

Reduce Administrative Workload

Automate timely distribution of comprehensive reports. To ensure every donation and grant is spent effectively, streamline your compliance and reporting and analysis.

Bring Your Mission and Vision to Life

Non-Profit organizations face complex challenges when navigating through ongoing uncertainty and support. Have the ability to allocate funds and plan for grants easily. With ProLytics, discover how to ensure flexibility in your fundraising efforts and organizational strategy.

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Common Challenges for Not for Profit Organizations

The Not for Profit industry has the challenge of equating its impact with programs and initiatives. Often, funders and donors not only want to know what but how the dollars raised are on track with the relevant, meaningful metrics and lead to enduring, positive change.

To sustain and enhance mission impact, nonprofit organizations need insight into their organizations’ unique challenges and opportunities. But too often, critical tools like financial reports or accounting software are barriers to insights – confusing or excluding stakeholders, undermining confidence and trust, and preventing organizations from successfully planning for the future. For many leaders and organizations, taking ownership of those tools can be an “A-ha!” moment.

Knowledge Gaps

Most staff members are generally hired for their expertise in one specific area rather than in Non-Profit finance. These three primary forms of capital to keep in mind for Non Profits are Facilities, Working, and Permanent.​

Payroll Accounting

Non-Profit staff members usually consist of employees, contractors, and volunteers. However, it is not a simple task to classify everyone as payroll taxes differ based on salary and job function performed.

Filing Tax Returns

To maintain the Tax-Exemption status, Non-Profits must still file annual returns and financials accurately. If the taxes and financials are not prepared and filed according to compliance, the tax status can become automatically revoked.

Financial Integrity

The Non-Profit sector is held to a standard of integrity in financial reporting. Smaller Non-Profits with limited operating budgets may not have the resources and technology to accurately manage and prepare financials on a timely basis.

Measure Your Community Impact

Monitor your organizational impact along with your financial health to ensure the operational strategies will enable your staff to discover new funding opportunities and to build awareness with special programs and marketing initiatives.

Operational Metrics for Non-Profits

Grant Revenue

Percentage of returning donors and members (donated more than once)

Year-Over-Year Growth

Percentage of increased revenue or budget in comparison to one year and the year before

Program Efficiency

Identify how efficiently you are fulfilling your mission and how your funds are used per program

Absenteeism Rate

Manage employee engagement by tracking your staff's missing days of work due to personal illness or other avoidable/unavoidable personal reasons

Fundraising Efficiency

Track how efficiently you are raising funds by understanding how much is spent to raise a dollar

Operating Surplus/Deficient

Compare expendable net assets to total expenses to ensure your resources are flexible to support your mission and programs​

Maintain Donor Accountability and Transparency

ProLytics provides detailed budgeting and forecasting, scenario modeling, financial and management reporting, and dashboarding. These are some of the planning processes that we help Non-Profit organizations implement:

Funding Planning & Analysis

Scenario Modelling & Forecasting

Cost Allocations

Cash Flow Planning & Analysis

Revenue Planning

Workforce Planning

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ProLytics Consulting Group is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in the areas of Enterprise Performance Management and Financial Business Intelligence Analytics. Our focus is on consulting, development, implementation, upgrades, support, and training with today’s industry-leading technology partners: Vena SolutionsProphixThomson Reuter Elite, and Microsoft Silver Data Analytics

We understand and value that each company is unique, and are committed to working closely with each customer to find and deliver value-added technology solutions that solve their one-of-a-kind challenges.

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