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Rapid Integration as a key Deciding Factor when it comes to Not-For-Profit Organizations

Rapid Integration

Key Facts - International Institute of New England

Founded in 1918, IINE's mission is to create opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement, and pathways to citizenship.

Services Provided: Refugee resettlement, English language education, vocational training, career services, legal support, and community integration programs​

Today, the International Institute of New England offers humanitarian relief, English language learning, employment, skills training, and immigration legal services to more than 5,000 people from 60+ different countries.

IINE FP&A before ProLytics Implementation

ProLytics Consulting embarked on a remarkable journey with the International Institute of New England (IINE), a leading nonprofit organization, to revolutionize their planning and budgeting processes. Facing the challenge of lacking an existing planning tool, IINE needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate into their upcoming planning cycle while ensuring a low learning curve for end users and a low barrier to entry.

Understanding the urgency and unique requirements of IINE, ProLytics Consulting swiftly sprang into action. The team recognized that the budgeting managers desired a tool that closely resembled their previous implementation, allowing for a smooth transition. Leveraging their expertise, ProLytics Consulting skillfully configured Vena, a powerful planning and budgeting software, to mirror IINE’s existing models while incorporating the advanced features Vena had to offer.

With a tight timeline of under 5 weeks, ProLytics Consulting orchestrated a rapid deployment process encompassing crucial stages such as discovery, development, user acceptance testing (UAT), and roll-out. The expedited implementation also included comprehensive training sessions for the Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) team and 15 end users. The result was a remarkable achievement where the tool felt intuitive and familiar, ensuring that IINE’s budgeting models were seamlessly integrated into Vena.


FP&A Use Cases

Budgeting by Department

Workforce Planning

OpEx Planning

With a tight timeline of under 5 weeks, ProLytics Consulting orchestrated a rapid deployment process encompassing crucial stages such as discovery, development, user acceptance testing (UAT), and deployment to production.

FP&A tools cleverly concealed within a familiar Excel user interface

VENA played a crucial role in driving significant advancements in the financial planning and analysis processes of the IINE FP&A team, resulting in remarkable use cases. The comprehensive integration of VENA was instrumental in streamlining operations and automating various levels of data entry. By leveraging Vena’s cloud database, the team successfully centralized their data, guaranteeing its security and integrity while fostering seamless collaboration across the organization.

The auditing and logging capabilities provided valuable insights into changes and actions, promoting transparency, accountability, and compliance. Moreover, the utilization of Vena’s cloud database, auditing, logs, and workflow processes, alongside the retention of the existing and familiar user experience, marked a key highlight of the transformation. These enhancements introduced robust validations, ensuring the acceptance of only clean and accurate data into the database. The FP&A team was freed from the burdensome task of manually collecting numbers from multiple individuals as they effortlessly aggregated and summarized results, generating consolidated reports with a simple click of a button.

The implementation of Vena provided IINE with enhanced agility and flexibility, enabling more iterations and cycles within the same reporting period. This newfound efficiency empowered the organization to make timely and data-driven decisions, optimizing their financial planning and budgeting processes

The success story between ProLytics Consulting and the International Institute of New England stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and innovative technology. ProLytics Consulting’s swift deployment of Vena, combined with comprehensive training and a user-centric approach, enabled IINE to revolutionize their planning and budgeting processes. With Vena’s robust capabilities, IINE now has a scalable solution that not only meets their immediate needs but also paves the way for future growth and success.

Furthermore, ProLytics Consulting ensured that Vena's advanced features were gradually introduced to the end users. They made specific functionalities available, emphasizing that immediate adoption was not necessary for the monthly reporting processes. This approach allowed IINE's team to gradually familiarize themselves with the features and scale their usage according to their learning curve.

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